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Yuvek's Dreamy Pastel Hot Air Balloon Party

Hot Air Balloon parties are always flying high at the top of the "cute party theme" list! 

 Approximately two months ago, Pankhurie called us and asked if we were available to style the event for "Yuvek's" second birthday. We spoke for about half an hour and I knew this is going to be one of the most fun project I have done so far. Firstly, it was in Udaipur which also happens to be my hometown and secondly because she was the sweetest person I have ever spoken to. 

 The brief from Yuvek's parents was fun and playful with a garden feel and of   course pastels!!!  Our styling team exactly knew what to do - ‘a dreamy pastel Hot air balloon playground ‘ for little Yuvek!




The pastel colours speak for themselves, so it didn’t detract from them. To make it all dreamy we decided take it to the next level and mix it with some showstopping hot air balloons and childhood desserts perfectly displayed in front of the backdrop! He loved it, the kids loved it and the adults loved it even more! 


Client: Pankhuri & Adish Verdia
Styling & Set Up @partyalacarte17 
Location : Shikarbadi Hotel, Udaipur
Desserts & Cakes : DelectablebyJahan
Photography: Prakash Creations
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It was excellent hope you keep up your creative work 👏👏👏

Pradeep Gupta

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